Amaelle organic cosmetics, skin merging Jewels

“A Poem Written to be read on your Skin,

a Music composed to be felt from Soul,

a picture painted to be Seen from the Heart”

Italian organic cosmetics, functionality and pleasure

Amaelle products combine great sensory pleasure and perfect functionality. Optimized formulations ensure rich textures, immediate absorption, fast application, natural anti aging effects and cell rejuvenation.

Dedicated to Women, “to their inner and outer delicacy that brings Joy and Life into our World“, Amaelle cosmetics are high-profile professional treatments, functionality and respect for the most sensitive skin types.

For every woman

Amaelle beauty cosmetic products are inspired by the Love of a Woman. Created from love, Amaelle is dedicated to pure Souls, it brings a message of love, union and respect.

Amaelle is my expression in the field I know better, I created ten beauty organic cosmetics in three years, as a love sacred gift for a Woman. I am just the artist, in all my beauty products I put love, which I lived again for every step I made. Love is Human Life Energy, it will always embrace Pure People.

Soul awakening fragrance

The “Flowers of Love” giving the fragrance to Amaelle products combine pure organic essential oils. The essence blends three different sources: the notions of Aromatherapy, those of Perfumery, and Love.

The combination draws a floral olfactory journey that enhances lightness and openness, stimulates happiness and desire. Green wood Base, floral heart, head Notes of citrus and spices.

Soul awakening fragrance - Amaelle Organic cosmetics

Unique features in organic cosmetics

Amaelle organic cosmetology combines great sensory pleasure and perfect functionality, it is entirely produced in Italy, with exclusive natural actives, recyclable materials, silkscreened glass and triple product warranty protection.

Amaelle fragrance is allergen free, products are very delicate, deeply functional and suitable also for the most sensitive skin types. Their anti-aging action is visible within 3-5 days from first application.

Unique features with organic cosmetics

Optimized formulations ensure rich textures, immediate absorption, fast applying, deep anti wrinkle effects with cell rejuvenation. Amaelle beauty complex deeply protects skin from oxidative and aging damages. Products are suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitives ones. The high concentration lengthens product action up to 24-30 hours. Amaelle cosmetic products are exceptionally effective even if used in small quantities, and do not need the application of extra creams or lotions.

A Fragrance for Her

“Could its every Note be so light, that everyone will stop to feel,

so thin that it will never be enough, quite as Love,

it will just spread its essence,

and blossom in the heart of those who will embrace its life ”